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saves you time!

Berlin Express Laundry has the newest and most efficient in laundry equipment made by Continental Girbau, Inc. These E-Series machines are ultra high-speed that allow you to do your laundry in 60 minutes or less. The machines we use save water, gas and electricity for a greener tomorrow.

Ten of our 20 lb. double load washers, instead of 10 top load washers, will save up to 188,000 gallons of water EACH YEAR. This water savings further reduces the electricity used to heat the water. With extract speeds up to an amazing 354 G-force, they remove more water from every load, cutting the natural gas required to dry a load, and YOUR dry time by up to 50 percent!
At Berlin Express Laundry, we are proud to offer the use of environmentally conscious equipment that gives us each the chance to do our part in conserving our valuable natural resources.
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  • Number of Washers = 28
  • Number of Dryers = 30
  • Largest Washer = 55 lbs.
  • Largest Dryer = 30 lbs.

We also provide:

  • Air-Conditioned
  • ATM
  • Bilingual Machines
  • Bright, comfortable and clean environment
  • Family-sized Washers
  • Brand name selection of soap and softeners
  • 24 hour surveillance

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